Thursday, June 5, 2014

Isaac Brough Law and Bright's Disease

Isaac Brough Law suffered from Bright's disease at least the last six years of his life. When his mission to the Central States was concluded in October of 1901 he returned home to Paris, Idaho. Soon after arriving home they built the ranch home that sits on the west of the road leading North out of Paris. Sometime about 1904 he was diagnosed with Bright's disease. Bright's disease was a catchall term used to describe many different ailments relating to the kidneys. On July 17, 1908 a brief article indicated that he was feeling a bit better:

Then on June 13, 1910 a brief article reported that he was again seriously ill:

The sad and ironic thing about this was that Isaac had passed away on June 12th--the day before this article appeared in The Paris Post. The LDS Church records for the Paris 2nd ward indicate that Isaac passed away on June 11, 1910 and a written history of Isaac's life indicates that he died on June 1st; however, the date of June 12th is more likely given the appearance of this article on July 13th indicating that he was "again seriously ill."

Isaac was laid to rest on June 15, 1910 in the Paris City Cemetery.

I have not seen an obituary for Isaac. Unless someone has an original clipped from the newspaper (or a photocopy of the clipping), I'm afraid it may not exist, as the newspaper which was issued on June 20th does not appear have survived.