Thursday, February 21, 2013

Isaac Brough Law's Mission Photos

Isaac had at least two photographs taken during his time in the Northern States Mission. Isaac's Mission Diary includes the following two entries:

Chicago, Ill Sat Mar 31-1900 (weather fine) -- I went and had my photo taken and spent the rest of the day in study.

Chicago, Ill Sat Dec 15-1900 (Weather cool) -- We went over on North Ave and had my photo taken then returned to our room and spent the rest of the day in study.

We have four photographs, two of which likely are recorded in the above diary excerpts. As you can see two are individual portraits and 2 are group portraits.

Isaac Brough Law - circa 1899Isaac Brough Law - 1900-12-15?

Isaac Brough Law (Far left, 2nd row) - ca. 1899

Isaac Brough Law (back row, far right) - Missionary Group

Unfortunately there are not enough details to determine which of these photos might have been taken on the days mentioned in the diary. Presumably some descendants of other missionaries in these group photos might have dated copies of these photographs, but first we would need to identify the individuals in the photo.

Anyone up to the challenge?