Friday, January 4, 2008

Isaac Brough Law in the 1870 Census

Isaac is found with his siblings, mother, and step-father, John Humphries in Paris, Rich county, Utah in the 1870 census. At the time this census was taken, it was believed that Paris (and all the other LDS Bear Lake settlements) was in Utah. Shortly thereafter it was determined by surveyors that these were actually in Idaho.

Residence number 6 lists the following individuals:
Name of PersonAgeSexColorOccupationBirthplace
[Humphries], Hannah39FWKeeping houseEngland
[Humphries], Hannah M12FWAt homeUtah
[Humphries], Frederick W10MWAt homeUtah
[Humphries], Isaac8MWAt homeUtah
[Humphries], Sarah E5FWAt homeUtah
[Humphries], Marshal J3MWAt homeUtah
[Humphries], George A3/12MWAt homeUtah

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