Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bocock Sisters Wanted!

Here is an interesting item from the Salt Lake Tribune (6 Jul 1887). The Bocock sisters apparently inherited something (presumably a small amount of money) and the Solicitors in England took out this article in the Salt Lake Tribune in an attempt to locate them 20 years after they had immigrated to the United States.

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Does anyone know the outcome of this? What was inherited and from whom did they inherit it?

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Martha Parkinson Law - Christening and Burial Records

The record of Martha Parkinson's marriage to Isaac Law (1730-1819) appeared in the previous post. Now let's examine Martha's christening and burial records.

Martha was christened in the chapelry of Hunslet in the parish of Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.

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This brief entry in the Sheffield parish registers, listing christenings in Hunslet indicates "Martha d. of Wm Parkinson 25" The 25 refers to the day of the Month, which was October of 1734 which details appears elsewhere on the page.

Martha Parkinson was born and christened in the parish of Sheffield but was later married to Isaac in his parish, the Parish of Felkirk. This is where she spent the remainder of her life. The burial record which follows shows her burial date of 28 Jan 1798 in the Felkirk Parish (she is the second entry in the list).

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