Sunday, June 20, 2010

Scott Law - A Few Pet Phrases

Last night I heard myself say something that I heard my Dad say many times--especially when I was young. He would ask us to do something and then follow it up with "Quick, like a bunny". It's one of those phrases that when I hear it or say it, I think of my Dad. Another one that he would say when we didn't believe that he was going to do something. For example, when we were playing a game and we thought we were winning and he'd make some claim that he was going to win. We'd say you're not going to win this time... He'd respond with "you just hide and watch". There was something endearing about both of these pet phrases. It's good to remember.

The Law Brothers & WWI

Four of the sons of Isaac Brough Law registered for the draft during WWI. The following are images of their draft registrations, all of which come from Ancestry's World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918.

Charles Isaac Law (b. 23 Sep 1886) registered 5 Jun 1917 (First Registration)

Jesse Law (b. 30 Nov 1887) registered 5 Jun 1917

Ira Law (b. 5 May 1891) registered 5 Jun 1917

Orrin Law (b. 26 Jul 1898) registered 12 Sep 1918 (Third Registration)

Milford was too young and Milan had died as an infant. Charles, Jesse, and Ira were all married--Orrin was not.

After registering for the draft, were any of these called up to service?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Following the Line: Charles - Isaac - John - Isaac - ?

Here's the Brick Wall: Isaac Law and Martha Parkinson were married in Felkirk Parish, Yorkshire, England on May 8, 1764. Prior to his marriage we really don't know where Isaac came from: where he was born, where he lived, etc.

The marriage record is very brief: "May 8th. Isaac Law & Martha Parkinson of this Parish & Banns."

Marriage by banns indicates that the impending marriage was announced for three consecutive weeks prior to the ceremony so that any objections from the Parish could come forth.

Isaac died September 15, 1819 and was buried 2 days later on the 17th. He died in South Hiendley, a village in the Felkirk Parish. The burial record indicates that he was 89 years of age, placing his birth sometime about 1730.

So in 1764 Isaac was of the Parish of Felkirk, but this only means that he had resided in the parish for the minimum of a few weeks. He could have been there for a few weeks, a few years, or decades. However, careful inspection of the parish registers reveals no birth record for Isaac in the Felkirk Parish.

So where was he born? In an attempt to come up with some good possibilities I culled from FamilySearch 5,000 Laws born in Yorkshire. I would have limited to a specific range of years, except the search engine won't allow that without a given name. After deleting some some that were women whose married name was actually something other than Law (or Lawe, Lawes, or Laws) I have a list of just over 4,600 Laws. Here are the top 22 towns and cities for Laws being born and/or christened in Yorkshire.

Todmorden, Yorkshire, England
Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Halifax, Yorkshire, England
Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Yorkshire, England
Birstall, Yorkshire, England
York, Yorkshire, England
Wath-upon-Dearne, Yorkshire, England
Wakefield, Yorkshire, England
Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Cantley, Yorkshire, England
South Hiendley, Yorkshire, England
Bradford, Yorkshire, England
Hartshead, Yorkshire, England
Horbury, Yorkshire, England
Egton, Yorkshire, England
Elland, Yorkshire, England
Swinton, Yorkshire, England
Brampton, Yorkshire, England
Sedbergh, Yorkshire, England
South Kirkby, Yorkshire, England
Walsden, Yorkshire, England
Heptonstall, Yorkshire, England
Heck, Yorkshire, England

Obviously Todmorden and Sheffield have the "Lion's Share" of Laws. I've contacted a researcher who has connected up most of the Laws in Todmorden and our Isaac doesn't fit in anywhere.  Some of the other localities here remain good possibilities. Isaac married Martha Parkinson who was born in Hunslet, which was a Chapelry of Leeds until 1719 when it was made a parish itself. Hunslet is 130th in the ranking of places with Laws in Yorkshire, having only 4 in the IGI. The four entries are all for Hannah Law with two records indicating her birth on 12 Aug 1759 and two other records indicating her christening on 12 Aug 1759.

It's also worth noting that the last entry in the list shows that some of the Laws came from Heck (is that a good place to be from?).

The following map shows the proximity of Hunslet and Leeds to South Hiendley and Felkirk.

To see this map on FamilySearch's English Jurisdictions project click Here.